With more than 20 years, founded as a business automation consultant and software solutions development house, aimed to be the best choice for enterprises in the Arab region. The main product is Sajaya ERP.

Our main goal is to support Enterprises in business automation services to Achieve Digital Transformation Goals through our outstanding Sajaya ERP™ with the following features:

Sajaya ERP Compatible with the electronic bill system and approved by the Zakat and Income Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Sajaya ERP delivers the international Software Experience with an Arab flavour.

Sajaya ERP is the best replacement for foreign software in the Arab market.

Sajaya ERP supports business Automation solutions to achieve Digital Transformation Goals.

Sajaya ERP provides the international experience by gathering experiences through:

  • More than 20 years of business Experience.
  • Implemented in 17 countries in the region.
  • Serving Multi Sectors with different business models includes:

Commercial, Industrial, Projects & constructions, Services, Educational & Holdings Enterprises.

  • Mobile Applications Access multiple services.
  • Supports AI technologies with new advanced features.
  • Comprehensive, secure and highly user-friendly.
  • Support Smart Archiving for Documents & Data.
  • Parametrized functionality to adopt various business needs and environments.
  • End users can create, design, save and share various and unlimited new reports and charts directly from the system through Reports Generator.
  • End users can define, customize, and share unlimited notifications and alerts among the system through Reminder Generator.
  • Dynamic and customizable BI dashboard for every single user.
  • Cloud & Web Access Supported & Approved by MS Azure Cloud.

Sajaya is a state-of-the-art software platform; it is a fully integrated system designed and structured to represent the latest era of ERP systems. With a Centralized Data Base structure, the sky is the limit for flexibility, usability, and scalability.

Sajaya is designed to run on industry-standard hardware. This makes it highly cost-effective with low incremental costs associated with system growth and ensures a future upgrade path in line with technological advancements in PC technology.

We look to become the first group on the level of KSA, Jordan and the Arab region in presenting technological services and systems, as well as looks for become a fundamental technological base and business icon throughout the Arab world by:

  • Keep up technological Developments and improve the presented programs and applications continuously by improving SAJAYA’s abilities and readiness, producing technological devices to replace foreign ones, competing foreign products, and superior understanding and fitting local and Arabic market needs.
  • Expand SAJAYA services and products by collaborating with major international companies in business technology areas and being an exclusive agent for providing products that can’t be found on markets.
  • Provide the latest technological devices to customers to keep up with international technical and technological developments by providing e-bay services and electronic service centres for handling customers’ problems via the Internet, email and phone.
  • Establish an academy specialized in training and providing consultancies in the business automation field.


Matrix was founded in 2004 as a leading IT company that is looking to become the first group in Jordan and the region in the field of information and services technology to form a core hub of professional business technology models throughout the Arab world by undertaking the following:

  • Empower its capacities and readiness to develop programs and systems and manufacture technological devices to replace similar foreign products. Thus, it becomes a competitor for foreign products by fulfilling the needs and requirements of local and regional markets.
  • Expand the group services and products through alliances with major international technology companies and be differentiated in acquiring special licenses for products that are not available in the local and regional markets.
  • Offer the most advanced technology tools, such as supplying its products through electronic commerce and providing services through electronic service (customer service centre that handles queries over the Internet, email, and telephone).

All this is to keep pace with technological developments worldwide.

We offer a range of innovative services in information technology and business solutions at the local and regional levels through four companies working together with specialized integration and consistency to provide the best solutions that meet the different needs of its clients in all areas of business locally and regionally.

We aim to utilize our resources and technological tools to reach our client’s goals and facilitate their business.

Our extensive experience has given us the know-how to build a reliable, tested, and approved Enterprise Resources Planning system fully integrated with its components and provided the standard worldwide features associated with such systems regionally and internationally.

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